At the barber's

During my last trip to Belgrade a barbershop at Sava Mala, Belgrade's creative hub, got my attention. I went there with the daughter of a friend of mine, who started studying communication design and who was searching for interesting photos, as I did. We went into the shop and asked if we can take photos. "Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden!" We overlooked the sign at the entrance. Luisa didn't take amiss and she found other photo subjects.

The bearded, tatooed athmosphere was mitigated by a young boy. Carlo Zagorac, the owner of the shop, cared for him in a very kind way. He built a bridge at the hairdresser's chair made of the boys' skateboard. So the boy sat higher up.

Carlo is good with children. Otherwise the whole atmospere is masculin. Maybe women would be scared, so they were even not allowed to come in. ... I like the shop, especially Carlo.

At first the barber were sceptical about me, I noticed. They thought that I'm a German pseudo photographer in search of snapshots.

It changed when they noticed that I enjoyed my job. Everybody relaxed. I took my photos, for an hour or so. I talked to them for a short while and asked if I can come back to take one more photo of the crowded shop. I was allowed ...

I told this story to my hairdresser at the beloved deprived area in my hometown and sent a few pics to him.

As a result he and his partner had a trip to Belgrade to visit his colleagues. Spontaneously! Let's see what he'll report ...