Hello Novi Sad

My English left much to be desired. Only simple conversation was possible. When you are abroad and no one speaks german it‘s an imposition. Something had to be done. Then I got the perfect idea: private lessons on skype. Preferably with a teacher who doesn‘t speak German. So Dragana Markovic and me met for the first time.

Dragana lives in Novi Sad, Serbia. She‘s confined to use a wheelchair, because she suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. You can‘t recognize it on Skype. I saw that in pictures on Facebook, but I was not sure if she had an accident or if she‘s disabled. First I hesitated, because I didn‘t want to offend her. But later I asked her.

Meanwhile we became friends and I visited her in Novi Sad.. We spent a day together with her friends. I took part in one face-to-face and in two Skype lessons. It‘s funny to be a German in Novi Sad who Skypes to a woman in Dubai who says: „Germans are cold, present company excepted!“

Dragana needs help day and night. She has different assistants. One of them is Maja. They are like sisters, because they have to spend a lot of time together. Maja is half Serbian and half Hungarian. She is a vet, but it‘s hard to find a job in Serbia.

It was a diverse crowd of people I met in Novi Sad. Together with three others Tatjana has a language school. Liljana from Sombor and her russian husband are married and they were expecting a baby. I enjoyed.

I think Dragana is worth a story. I‘ll ask her if there‘s something she wants to tell to the people. We take it from there...